Curriculum vitae


  • M.A.Sc., Computer Science, University of Paris Dauphine, 2019
  • B.A.Sc., Computer Science & Mathematics, University of Paris Dauphine, 2017
  • Scientific Baccalauréat, Emily Brontë High School, 2013

Work experience

  • Data scientist, Neurotech/HBP/CHUV, Lausanne, 07/21-now
    • Sleep apnea and hypopnea analysis and prediction on clinical data
    • Packaging HBP-MIP Data Quality Control Tool
    • Technologies: Python/tensorflow
  • Data scientist, Learn 2 Forecast, Lausanne, 01/20-07/20
    • Building a computer vision and time series forecasting web platform
    • Development of a time series forecasting open-source library
    • Technologies: Python/fastAPI/fastai
  • Machine learning intern, Learn 2 Forecast, Lausanne, 06/19-12/19
    • News article topics extraction with NLP, graph representation to identify trends
    • Topological data analysis open-source library development (giotto-tda)
    • Neural spike time-series predictions using topological features
    • Technologies: Python/scikit-learn/pandas
  • Research intern, LAMSADE, University of Paris Dauphine, 2018
    • Artificial neural network building for art style identification of a picture and painting recommandation, prediction and clustering
    • Experimentations based on Triplet loss function
    • Dataset generation from existing dataset (Adobe FiveK Dataset)
    • Technologies: Python/Keras
  • Full-stack developer intern, Kibitoh, 2017
    • Full-stack development: SMS tracking web application
    • System administration: Deployment on remote Linux servers
    • Technologies: Python/django, UNIX


  • Noctilucent, current
    • Picture uploading and object classification Android application using Python/Django/Keras remote backend for computation on GPUs
  • Humbleloop, 2018
    • Infinityloop-like puzzle (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) Java generator, satisfiability checker and solver with Vaadin framework GUI
    • Constraint Satisfaction Problem (Sudoku, Map coloring) Java solver
  • Where is Brian, 2018
    • Natural text processing for English level classification
    • Lemmatisation and artificial neural network classifier implementation in Python/Keras/NLTK


  • Finalist of Machine learning and finance Hackathon, University of Paris Dauphine, 2019